The Magic Pill documentary – a nutritional paradigm shift

Low carb, high fat

‘The Magic Pill’ is a motivational documentary following Australian and American subjects struggling with a range of health issues. They are put on the ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet during 10 weeks to observe the effects it has on them. 

The diet is based is on high-fat, low-carb whole foods that induces a state of ketosis in order to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs. Doctors, farmers, chefs and others weigh in on the controversy over the diet and its potential to eradicate common illnesses.

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The Keto Diet, based on a low carb and high fat, has caused much controversy because it turns the accepted mainstream diet recommending high carb and low fat on its head, thereby endangering the interests of mainstream commerce, which mainly markets and sells low sugar and low fat foods that are highly processed and far from their natural, whole state.

Keto guidelines followed in ‘The Magic Pill’ documentary

Subjects followed the keto diet principles outlined as:

  • Replacing bad fats (trans fats and vegetable oils) with healthy fats (olive and coconut oils, animal fats, eggs, and avocados).
  • Eating whole and organic foods, such plenty of fresh green, leafy vegetables.
  • Cutting down on starchy veggies and fruit with a high sugar content.
  • Eliminating processed foods, dairy, grains, and legumes.
  • Consuming free-range animals and wild caught seafood.
  • Introducing bone broths, organ meats, fermented foods, and intermittent fasting into their diet.

The case studies

The film follows the progress of people who have various ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, alzheimers and autism with significantly positive results.

One amazing example is Abigail, a young child with autism, who in the beginning would only eat processed chicken fingers, goldfish crackers, and apple juice and initially struggled to adjust to the diet. However, she made significant progress after five weeks of following the diet.

Her parents were amazed by the positive changes in her appearance, behavior and ability to communicate, also noting that her seizures had stopped, that her belly was less bloated and that she had more regular bowel movements. The doctors were able to start weaning her off of the anti-convulsory narcotics that she was taking.

Scientific proof

The documentary also follows the trial of a South African doctor, Professor Tim Noakes, against South African medical authorities. He is persecuted by the nutritional and legal establisment for recommending the diet to his patients, and eventually wins his case by scientifically proving that the keto diet is not only viable, but that it significantly improves peoples health, vitality and lifestyle.

See the movie HERE

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