Keto food and ingredient lists with carb counts

When in doubt check this out!

Recipes don’t always state the carb counts and often don’t seem realistic. I think it is important to keep a tab on what you are taking in by getting to know what the carb counts are for each of your favorite ingredients. That will happen with experience.

If you are not using an App to count your daily intake, keep a note book at hand to summarize your daily carb counts.

Here’s a quick and easy reference list for common Keto foods and ingredients with their carb counts:

ketogenic food carb list

keto food and ingredientscarb list

Other references:

You can also check out the more complete Atkins list HERE

… Or try out the My Fitness Pal App for yourself. It’s free!



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  1. I heartily agree with all the above, as an advocate of healthy lifestyle. It’s so important that we understand the truth our dietary and nutritional beliefs. Food can be our number one medicine.

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