Hi there,

I’m Eril Wiehahn, founder of The Low Carb Lifestyle website and Facebook Group.

Throughout my youth I experimented with many ‘diets’, but found that they don’t work for me – that ultimately they have the opposite effect once I got off the diet. I eventually found that a lifestyle of ‘cutting carbs’ was the only way to get rid of the extra pounds when I needed to.

But then I seriously started researching healthier eating habits after nearly dying from colon cancer. I found that refined carbohydrates, such as wheat flour and sugars, where a major cause of illness. (See why HERE).

I am passionate about helping people to reach their weight loss and health goals by providing low carb recipes, meal plans, tips & advice, motivation and support.

You can join our Facebook support group HERE. It’s fun and it’s FREE!

Here’s to health and happiness… Cheers!

With much love,